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Computer Ease is a company specialising in technical training, project management training, information technology consulting, knowledge transfer, and knowledge distillation. The company offers instructor-led courses, one-on-one tutorials, demonstrations, lunch-and-learn seminars, webinars, bootcamp training, etc. Computer Ease can perform training co-ordination. It produces excellent courseware and training materials.

With a background in telecommunications and a long-time member of the internet community, Computer Ease has expertise in these technologies. The company offers training on web site design, drawing from webmastering and 30+ years of developer experience.

Computer Ease is operating system-friendly. It supports Windows, Macintosh, Linux, Android, iOS, Symbian / EPOC, BlackBerry, Palm OS, and so on.

Blake Nancarrow is a Planview certified instructor. Blake was a TANDBERG video teleconferencing certified technical trainer.

Computer Ease is owned and operated by Blake Nancarrow. He is the sole proprietor. He is on LinkedIn.


Computer Ease
190 Hurd Street
Bradford Ontario L3Z 1K9

e-mail: blaken AT

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N.B. We are not the manufacturer of nor do we support Computer Ease software. Please direct your inquiries to the manufacturer of the software.





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