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Car 802

Targa Car 802

Photo by C. Texeira. Copyright © 2007. All Rights Reserved.



Welcome to Blind & Deaf Motorsport's Targa Newfoundland web site! We're happy that you joined us. Follow our exploits and fun on The Rock in car 802 as we complete in the 2007 event.


The Crew

See the photo gallery for everyone's mug... If you dare!


The Car

1994 Acura Integra GSF

See the photo gallery for lots and lots of car shots!



Want to be a sponsor? Please inquire with Ken or John.


Community Service

Hey! Don't race on the streets or highways! We are Drivers Against Street Racing.

Take it to the track. Race regionally in sanctioned events, learn navigational rallying. Join a car club. Or sign up for an advanced, high-performance driving school (such as those conducted by the Saab club).


Blind & Deaf Motorsport

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