My Other Half

Curiously, I know not what to say. Read at your own risk. I cannot promise this interesting or provoking. This is in some respects a long rant.


rife with fear
i cower, quake
scream caged in dry throat
my eyes slammed shut
as if sewn
thoughts dark and delirious
bloodless fingers clawing
blackened bodies sawing
the thunderous air

i will not go
into the secret place
under the city
on this sacred eve

but in seven nights
i will catch myself
treading, spinning, moving, falling, catching myself
in their thick midst
in thin hope
of finding her

- copyright © 2002 Blake Nancarrow
  Oct 31/96

Poetry & Prose

Here are recently created works.


Today I found some extra time so I put it in a clear bottle, to
watch it, hours upon hours, swirling about, semi-transparent
quicksilver, the glue between moments. It wasn't much and it
has already started to fade. 

Tomorrow, I will look for more, perhaps in the same place. I'm
hoping I will meet with success. I'm hoping I might found a lot.
Then I will bottle it all up and show it to people. 

I wonder if I could make much money from it... 

- copyright © 2002 Blake Nancarrow
  Oct 15/96


I'm 30 minutes past the witching hour. I remember here, 1000
years ago, that the hour was not midnight but 1am. It's so
difficult to remember. The cats probably know but they refuse
to speak--their perogative.

I'm occupying this body at a late party of writhing flesh and
all I can think of is primal, grating, pounding blood.

Just blood.

And your imminent appearence in the Dark City.

- copyright © 2002 Blake Nancarrow
  Oct 13/96

Boring Background

I began writing creatively in 1976. It has taken almost 20 years to feel comfortable referring to myself as an artist. I realized in 1993 that the artistic component of my self had to be nurtured else it would wither away, atrophy. Perhaps, one day, I will give up my "bread-and-butter" work and commit more to writing and photography. Here you may find my published poetry, to date. And there may be a couple of works-in-progress.

I will place a recent work here periodically. In general, I do not create according to a deadline.


I taught myself how to use an SLR camera in middle highschool (circa 1979) as a volunteer photographer on the yearbook staff. I shot hundreds of black and white photographs. During the summer, I would borrow other people's camera systems. In 1987, I inherited a complete system, which I have augmented with an extra body and lenses. My favourite subjects are: The collection of gargoyle photographs began several years ago. I want to get ones from across Canada. If you know of any gargoyles, please let me know. My criteria for a gargoyle or "chimera" is that it is not real, ie. no lions, horses, people (unless they are rendered ugly or somehow distorted).

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