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I have too many hobbies. I like too many things. I am easily interested in new things. I am easily fascinated. I'm often distracted by the unusual.

featured hobby: gargoyles!

If memory serves, I began casually photographing gargoyles 10 years ago. These skeletal remains are over the main doors of Toronto's red sandstone Old City Hall, built in the 1890's.

This minor obsession requires that I collect all Canadian sites to photograph. This is rather challenging given our country's age. Please e-mail gargoyle sightings. Note my criteria:

  • must be in Canada
  • detailed address & position information needed, eg. "east side of church, above doors, west side of Spadina, 2 blocks s. of Bloor, Toronto"
  • must be a "creature" or disfigured human, that is, not a lion or bird or real animal (well, unless it is really cool... but still, no lions!)
This photo is a test. More gruesome gargs to follow...
[City Hall gargoyle]

blake's complete list of interests is still available, and growing...

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Last updated 31 January 1998
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