Hobbies, Interests, Fascinations

These are things I like to do. These are things I'm interesting in or fascinated by. These are my favourite things. This is a very long list. I wonder why you're here...

[*] cats

It's not that I don't like dogs. In fact, I think I like all animals. I'm trying to like even spiders. Please do not mistake my cohabitation with some cats as love.

[*] astronomy, astrophotography

For a long time I have been interested in astronomy, the stars, the planets. Check out my astronomy stuff.

[*] bicycling

Cars stink! I love to ride my bicycle in the city, or on longer distance trips through the country-side.

[*] Star Trek

On tape, I have all TNG epsiodes, some DS9, a handful of Voyagers (which you may borrow, if you're in Toronto). I wrote up TNG and DS9 episode guides that are very popular. I also some files or programs that you may be interested in. Of late, I have completely lost interest in the show. Maybe I burnt out, maybe I miss Picard. I dunno. Anyway, I'm sure you still like Trek so here's all my Star Trek stuff.

[*] high technology, PC and Macintosh computers, LED program, Wired magazine

[*] photography

I taught myself SLR photography. I enjoy "taking" photographs but have no interest in darkroom work. I hope to have some of my favourite photos on-line soon.

[*] The X Files

[*] chaos, anti-chaos theory, entropy

[*] artificial intelligence, voice recognition, hand-writing recognition, software agents

[*] horror in film and literature, high quality

[*] science fiction

[*] beer

[*] industrial and post-industrial music such as Skinny Puppy, Nine Inch Nails

[*] mexican and italian food

[*] Calvin & Hobbes [scan]

[*] advanced auto driving courses

Happy, Craig?

He's my BMW driving instructor...

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