blake's world Reviews

"Blake's World, a very small world.

In every dimension of the universe, there is a place such as Blake's World. A place where thoughts run like rivers across the feet of our ideas and the sky lightens in the golden colours of creativity.

Over the years that have passed since the first time I visited this world to the time I occupy now, I have learned several things. I suppose the most important being that you can exceed the boundaries of society and be an individual. It is not always easy, but when I am doubtful, I come to this world for reassurance. I enter this place and know who I am again; me.

Beware of all the places you visit. It is easy to get lost in all the NOW of everything. Always make sure that no matter where you go, you never forget the way back, which you will find, is usually the way forward.

Come forward. Come back to this place and all that was forgotten will not be worth remembering. Welcome to Blake's World..."
- Lisa Tunney, Interior Designer (capitals used by the author)

"When are you moving out?"
- Gary Yip, Scuba Instructor

"Great temporal anti-entropy."
- Cam Bramwell, Golf Professional

"You should honestly think about making a basketball court in here."
- Greg Nekkers, Special Effects Stunt Man

"As the cool white juxtaposes the warm wood, one finds a home."
- Graham Rooza, Member of Biker Gang

"Lovely pad, Blake! Great hardwood floors & artwork by renowned artists! Congratulations on finally making it to your industrial loft space..."
- Christopher Arnold, Fashion Designer

"Your loft... it's... it's MADE OF PEOPLE!"
- Mary Jane Miller, Quicken Consultant

"I want immortality on the web too, so even though I have no insights of value or cool things to say, I want to join the 'Blake's friends' Hall of Fame! ...if you do this for me I'll get you one of the presents you have requested... "
- Hilary Inwood, occupation withheld by request

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