Astronomy, Astrophotography

I can remember in grade 4 or 5 (circa 1973) being very interested in the topic on the solar system. I remember cutting out and keeping newspaper articles on Pioneer 9 and 10. During highschool, I developed a stronger interest in astronomy, studying on my own time, keeping copious notes.

In the summer of 1992, while in the Muskokas, I spent about 4 or 5 continuous hours stargazing with a friend. It was breathtaking, even with basic binoculars. A different bug bit me.

I suddenly wanted more power. I luckily found a second-hand Celestron Scmidt-Cassegrain Super Polaris 8-inch (SP-C8) telescope for sale. That summer I observed the rings of Saturn, the clouds and moons of Jupiter, the glory of the Andromeda galaxy. I hope to have some photos here soon for your enjoyment.

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