The Cats in (or near) blake's world


mug: [Tigger, proud]
full name: Tigger Nancarrow
nick: Pigger
favourite hobby: humping pillows
genus: red mackeral tabby
died: 24 May 95, age 10+
cause: heart failure, pulminary edema, complications
He was such a great cat. I miss him.


mug: [Soccer being held] [Soccer profile]
full name: Soccer Nancarrow [Soccer full body]
nick: Pumpkin
species: feline
sex: male, repaired [new]
dob: circa 30 July 95
favourite toy: the knit green mouse
weight: 7 kilos [Soccer looking fetching in colour]
eye colour: gold
top land speed record: 20 km/h
worst habit: staring at myself in the TV
pet peeve: Nancy sleeps too much


[Nancy closeup]
mug: [Nancy showing belly]
full name: Nancy Nancarrow [Nancy looking 3-D in colour]
nick: Pumpkin
species: feline
sex: male (!), repaired [new]
dob: circa 30 July 95
favourite toy: paper
weight: 6 kilos
eye colour: gold
favourite food: paper
worst habit: paper
pet peeve: not enough paper

Nancy and Soccer on 31 May 96

Lisa Tunney was, as much as a human can, trying to empathize with the cats...

[Lisa's drawing]

The Boys

[Soccer and Nancy in colour]

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