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Many people assisted me in the construction of this instant messaging resource. I thank them for their efforts.

Blake Nancarrow
This web page was conceived and made by Blake Nancarrow (blaken AT of Computer Ease.
Malcolm MacLeod
Malcolm proof-read and did testing in MSN and contributed a few additions. He also submitted the "turkey" and "santa" icons.
Remco Vermeer
Remco submitted the "puke" emoticon (using Trillian).
Keli Bacon
Keli submitted the "clown sticking tongue out" and "devil sticking tongue out" emoticons (using Trillian).
Anthony J. Frandsen
Anthony clarified that Trillian Pro 1.0 supports over 200 icons (which may be animated) and that these may/will not work in Trillian 0.74.
Miguel determined the keyboard shortcuts for the icons -.- and -_- in Trillian Pro.
Josh Milas
He sent in a bunch of Trilly Pro 2 emoticons.
Tafadzwa Nyamukanga
Sent a hug (emoticon) and the "(blah)" gossipy one too.
David Priestley
David reminded me that I didn't specify which skin in Trillian or Trillian Pro I had used. But, I hadn't used any special skins. In fact, I don't like them because they often limit the emoticon functionality. Still, I appreciate David's nudge.
Discovered the keyboard sequence for the weird "biting lip? ears up? I'm all ears?" Trillian emoticon under the miscellaneous section! Thanks! Weird...
Chris Hayes
Pointed out the "zap" emoticon as well as some tricks for learning about more... Thanks!
Michael Jones
It was Michael who pointed me in the direction of Meebo which I very cautiously explored but now frequently use.

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