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object icons, seasonal items

to emote type Trillian TrilPro Yahoo   MSN   ICQlist notes
red rose, flower (F) or (f)   Red rose    
red rose, flower @};-     Yahoo! "hidden" icon
red rose, flower (flower)        
red rose, flower @}->--          
wilted rose, flower (W) or (w)   Wilted rose    
wilted rose, flower (wilt)        
good luck, four-leaf clover %%-       Yahoo! "hidden" icon
flag **==         Yahoo! "hidden" icon;
shows as a dove in Trillian
pumpkin (~~)     Yahoo! "hidden" icon; undocumented in Trillian
pumpkin (pumpkin)       undocumented in Trillian
Christmas tree (xmas)        
gift with bow, present (G) or (g)   Gift with bow    
Santa Claus (santa)       undocumented in Trillian;
sound effect in Trillian
light bulb, bright idea (I) or (i)   Light bulb    
light bulb, bright idea *-:)         Yahoo! "hidden" icon
I've got an bright idea, thinking i-) or *-)     or "light up my life" ? bulbman...
I've got an bright idea, thinking i:) or *:-) or *:)         Trillian Pro 3
camera, picture, photograph (P) or (p)   Camera    
web camera (webcam)   or        
video camera (vc) or (videocamera)         Trillian Pro 3
film, movie, cinema, flick (~)   Film strip    
film, movie, cinema, flick (film) or (movie)        
house (home) or (house)          
working, briefcase (work)          
telephone receiver, call, mobile, wireless (T) or (t)   Telephone receiver    
mobile cellular phone (mp)   or      
mobile cellular phone (mobile)         Trillian Pro 3
envelope, email, message (E) or (e) Envelope   Envelope    
clock, time, wait, idle (O) or (o)   Clock    
clock, time, wait, idle (wait) or (idle) or (clock)        
hourglass, sands (hourglass)         Trillian Pro 3
CD disc (CD) or (cd)        
CD disc (0)         that's a zero
audio music CD disc (acd) or (08) or (audiocd)        
rainbow (r)      
rainbow (rainbow)        
an eye (?) (see) or (eye) or (priv) or (invis) or (privacy) or (invisible)        
an eye (?) (look)         is "looking around" in Trillian Pro
magnifying glass (search)          
toilet, washroom (pee) or (loo) or (toilet)       sound effect in Trillian Pro
toilet, washroom (wc)         Trillian Pro 3
game console controller (ps2) or (game)        
gameboy (gb) or (ws) or (gba) or (game2) or (gameboy)        
Xbox (xx)          
Xbox (xbox)         Trillian Pro 3
gaming, gambling, play, game (dice) or (random)          
computer, monitor (pc) or (cpu) or (computer)        
computer and monitor (co)        
television (tv)        
book (book) or (read)        
pencil with eraser (write) or (pen)   or        
flag, red (flag)        
drums (drums)       sound effect in Trillian
Earth, globe (globe)        
island, palm tree (ip)        
island, palm tree (oasis)         Trillian Pro 3
jet plane, airplane (ap)        
jet plane, airplane (aeroplane) or (airplane)         Trillian Pro 3
space ship, aliens (ufo)         sound effect in Trillian
automobile, car (au)        
automobile, car (auto)         Trillian Pro 3
handcuffs (%)       undocumented in Trillian and MSN; means Yin Yang in Trillian Pro!
combination lock (lock)          
brass or gold key (key)          
robot [..] or [:] or (robot)       undocumented in Trillian
money, coins, stacks (mo)        
dollar, bill, greenback (money)         undocumented in Trillian; money eyes in meebo updated!
penny, coin, copper (cent)          
balloons (balloon)          
lightning, thunderstorm, weather (li)        
lightning, thunderstorm, weather (lightning)         Trillian Pro 3
storm, rain, clouds (st)        
storm, rain, clouds (storm)         Trillian Pro 3
umbrella (um)        
umbrella (umbrella)         Trillian Pro 3
soccer ball, foot ball (so)        
soccer ball, foot ball (soccer)         Trillian Pro 3
lit, smoking cigarette (ci)          
lit, smoking cigarette (cigarette)         Trillian Pro 3
bomb with fuse @=          
to emote type Trillian TrilPro Yahoo   MSN   ICQlite notes

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† = an animated icon

an emoticon that is... approx. number
very common to IM clients, the "standard" ones... 5
similar on most IM clients, but may not work on some 15
uncommon among IM clients or specific or unique to one over 200
a watch-out! means different things in different IM clients there are a few

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