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the top few common emoticons!

Here's a very short list of the most common emoticons across all of the tested instant messaging environments. Note that the codes are case-sensitive! See the topic pages for additional symbols, keyboard shortcuts, and other notes.

to emote type Trillian TrilPro Yahoo   MSN     AIM   ICQlite meebo notes
happy, smiling :) or :-) Smiley  
big toothy grin, big smile, open-mouthed :-D Open-mouthed smiley  
kiss, kissing, pucker up :-*   means "secret" in MSN...
wink, knowing ;) or ;-)  
sticking tongue out, nyaah :-P Smiley with tongue out  
sunglasses, cool 8-)      
straight face, apathetic, indifferent, poker face :| or :-| Stern smiley   that's the vertical bar or "pipe" symbol
worried, nervous, undecided, unsure, confused :-\    
sad, unhappy :( or :-( Sad smiley  
upset, unhappy :-<   Sad smiley    
crying, very sad, upset :'(    
oh, shock, horror, surprise, amazed :-O Smiley says O     that's the letter "oh"
worried, nervous, undecided :-S Crooked smiley      
angry, shouting, yelling, screaming, orating :-@   Angry smiley      
lips are sealed :-X     shows as "lovestruck" in Yahoo...
to emote type Trillian TrilPro Yahoo   MSN     AIM   ICQlite meebo notes

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† = an animated icon

an emoticon that is... approx. number
very common to IM clients, the "standard" ones... 5
similar on most IM clients, but may not work on some 15
uncommon among IM clients or specific or unique to one over 200
a watch-out! means different things in different IM clients there are a few

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