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unhealthy icons

to emote type Trillian TrilPro Yahoo   MSN   meebo notes
tired, overwhelmed (:|         that's the vertical bar or "pipe" symbol
runny nose :~) or (cold)        
runny nose, odd mouth :~9       undocumented in Trillian
sore tooth :; or :-;       I do not what this is supposed to be for certain...
brain dead, headache, sobbing x-s or X-S or x-S or X-s        
brain dead, headache, moaning x-o or X-O or x-O or X-o        
brain dead, headache, tongue stuck out x-p or X-P or x-P or X-p        
sick, queasy, green :-&    
sick, queasy, green +o(        
very sad, depressed, pale, sick /_\ or [-(       means "not talking" in Yahoo!
sick (sick)      
puke (puke)          
to emote type Trillian TrilPro Yahoo   MSN   meebo notes

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† = an animated icon

an emoticon that is... approx. number
very common to IM clients, the "standard" ones... 5
similar on most IM clients, but may not work on some 15
uncommon among IM clients or specific or unique to one over 200
a watch-out! means different things in different IM clients there are a few

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