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This page documents random thoughts, observations, reviews, criticisms, rants, anecdotes, tips, tricks, and discoveries by Blake Nancarrow. The notes here pertain specifically to information technology. They are dated and arranged in reverse-order, the newest items at the top.

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8 Dec - goodbye CompuServe
11 Oct - my second Ericsson
23 Sep - my first Ericsson

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8 Dec 2001 - goodbye CompuServe

I discontinued my CompuServe account today. Kinda weird. I've used them as a telecommunications solution for so long... So long, in fact, that I cannot remember exactly when I started using them. I clear remember using the service in 1990. I'm certain I was a member for a while...

I enjoyed the various services including email, forums, and downable files, that it worked with my Mac, DOS, and Windows environments. I liked that they embraced the Psion community. They helped me distribute my Star Trek: The Next Generation episode guides. And they helped me utilize the internet in its early days.

I particularly liked how I could use the service as a continental dial-up provider.

Still, I'm barely using the service, now, as I increasingly use internet email and the web...

So, thanks for the the memories... And all those bytes...

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11 Oct 2001 - my second Ericsson

The Ericsson MC 218 that I bought on 23 Sep 2001 is acting weird. It is not detecting the Compact Flash (CF) card that I use. I've tested the card and it's fine, I've tried other cards, I went so far as to disassemble the Ericsson to verify the continuity of the CF memory card drive door switch--it's fine.

Ordered a second palmtop from expansys...

It too arrives quickly (although it takes a little while to sort out the billings).

And it works perfectly!

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23 Sep 2001 - my first Ericsson

I bought (at a good price) an Ericsson MC 218 palmtop from the expansys web site to replace my Psion Series 5mx.

Received very quickly.

It's a cool blue colour.

I like it!

[updated on 11 Oct 2001]

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