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This page documents random thoughts, observations, hardware and software reviews, criticisms, rants, anecdotes, tips, tricks, and discoveries by Blake Nancarrow. The notes here pertain specifically to information technology. They are dated and arranged in reverse-order, the newest items at the top.

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  21 Dec   -   wifi cam new!
  9 Dec   -   life without internet new!
  5 Aug   -   recorder upgrade new!
  16 Jun   -   wide and tall new!
  2 Apr   -   File "menu" back new!
28 Jan - bookmarks to new cloud new!
  21 Jan   -   2 TB new!

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21 Dec 2010 - wifi cam new!

Picked up a wireless camera so to improve security at the home office. It is a D-Link DCS-930L. Rather start unit. Motion detection with e-mail notification, built-in microphone, image resolution up to 640x480. Very easy to set up.

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9 Dec 2010 - life without internet new!

When I phoned Bell to ask why my internet was not working, they said, "We have no record of your move." My heart sank. It was now crystal clear that the Home Phone department had not sent anything to the Internet department about my move.

I was without internet access for a week. It completely disrupted my business and my personal life. The old adage was true...

Once everything is up and running again, I'll have to submit a formal complaint. This time, fortunately, I kept pretty good records.

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5 Aug 2010 - recorder upgrade new!

Ordered a Sony solid state digital recorder, the ICDSX750D, from Dell. Much cheaper than buying from Sony... This will prove very useful during meetings.

I'll also use it in the car (for voice notes) and while auditing complex IT courses.

It has an amber backlight. I particularly like that it uses standard batteries (unlike my old Voice-It VT-180). Most impressive however is the final "D" in the model number: that means it comes with Dragon software...

It also comes with ear bud phones, a stand (with tripod mount), and a windsock. Clever.

I was told, on July 15, it was "slightly backordered."

I would have had it before the beginning of August if Purolator hadn't royally screwed things up...

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16 Jun 2010 - wide and tall new!

Dell was running one of their Days of Deals sales again. I think I first noted it on the Red Flag Deals site. I ordered two Dell U2211H 21.5 inch Flat Panel Display. Regularly $319. The sale reduced the price by $100. Although to get the discount for each one I had to make two completely separate purchases.

These will replace the dead and dying CRT monitors I have. They will also facilitate using the netbook computer. These units support 1920x1080, matching the ASUS external maximum resolution.

The key feature in choosing these LCDs was that they can be pivoted! This will be so useful when I am doing a lot of writing. Portrait orientation is so much better, and more productive, when word processing.

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30 May 2010 - DevCon new!

I was looking for a fast way to reconfigure a portable computer for wireless or wired use. James told me about command-line DevCon tools from Microsoft. CLI, w00t!

I downloaded the 32-bit DevCon package. I scanned the devices in the computer and wrote 2 scripts. Handy.

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2 Apr 2010 - File "menu" back new!

Ha! I see that Microsoft added a new tab to the Fluent interface ribbon in their applications like Word and Excel: the File tab! Ha!

I gather they were getting a lot of complaints...

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28 Jan 2010 - bookmarks to new cloud new!

I'm moving away from Linkagogo. I think. I haven't seen any substantial changes or improvements lately. I'm getting a little worried. And, somehow, I'm not using it as much.

But the spirit of it is still valid. As we become increasingly mobile and work more and more often remotely, it is relevant to have one's favourite web site bookmarks at hand, everywhere, no matter where or how one connects to the net. The bookmarks need to live in the cloud.

So, some research shall begin. I'll test Yahoo's bookmarks tool and take a look at Digg, etc.

I've got 1600 bookmarked web sites to manage...

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21 Jan 2010 - 2 TB new!

Continuing in my plan to have two external 1 TB drives for backing up. Of course, one will be stored off-site.

Bought a Western Digital MyBook Home USB 2.0 from TigerDirect Canada for $159.

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