martini dinner party thumbnails

date: 20 to 21 Jan 2001
time: 7 to 2
location: Mary's place, Marina del Ray (sp?), Etobicoke

Drink of the evening: The Yummy Mary!

All photos shot with Blake's new Samsung Digimax 800K camera with Lexar 16MB SmartMedia card. Built-in flash. Fixed length lens, 6.6 mm (equivalent to 47 mm on a SLR camera), f 2.8.


Sound bytes in WAV format.

Mary martini "Yum."
manager or something (the responsible one)
Ma martini "Dude."
teacher (adults)
Bla dopey "I promise not to lie down at this martoonis party!"
teacher (adults)
MJ surprised "Am I late?!"
Mary Jane
teacher (little terrors)
MJ in kitchen with Mary Yes, folks, this is what a deer on the highway in your headlights at night looks like.
MJ Mary wrestling "Yes you were late!"
Flash didn't fire. Weird trippy light...
Bla Mary making martinis "This may be your kitchen but get the hell outta the wayI'm tryin' pour a martini here!"
MJ, Ma, Mary kitchen Malcolm's in the middle.
Bla and Mary kitchen Cute. Saccharin.
MJ spaced Oh, oh. MJ sniffed her martini. "Pace yourself, girlfriend!" (why are all her photos at an angle?)
MJ's thoughts on Blake's cool gadgets. (215KB)
Ma Mary kitchen counter Cute 2. "Dude, wake up."
Ma Mary MJ kitchen counter Much better!
flub candles finger I'm certain that's MJ's finger...
Mary couch Damned exposure! Mary looks awesome.
Ma eyeing something Didn't think he'd eat it...
MJ's eye Trippy weird psycho MJ.
MJ's voice. She may have a promising new radio career...   (366KB)
Mary overexp Trippy weird psycho Mary.
Ma walking away with water Mary Man, the wait-staff aren't too quick 'round here... More wine! More martinis!
Mary Jane splendid Yep. Another great martini party!
MJ singing... (155KB)
weird unexp One for The X-Files...


Images acquired via TWAIN into Fireworks 3.0 for Windows. Not retouched or colour-adjusted. Dragged-and-dropped into, cropped and scaled in, FrontPage.

Digital sound captured in Blake's VoiceIt VT-180 pocket recorder. Transferred to his Psion Series 5mx palmtop computer (via air). Then converted to Windows Wave .WAV 16-bit mono format using PsiWin software. Edited in Windows Sound Recorder.


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